This one of a kind work of art Waving American Flag is nearly 5 feet wide and 30 inches tall. 

What sets Flying WoodShop’s flags apart from others? Lots of stuff.

1) Our flags are crafted from select hardwood like maple, oak and birch. We don’t use construction grade anything. This is an heirloom.

2) Each star in the union is hand carved and stands proud of the blue background. Other flags either carve their stars into the union or just paint them on.

3) On the Waving flag, you’ll notice that this flag is waving all the way around. The back border of the flag is carved to match the front completing the illusion of the flag waving in the wind.

4) We won’t deliver your flag until it’s 100% correct. It must meet your specifications and our quality standards before it gets the Flying WoodShop stamp.

As with all of our products, delivery within the US is included. This flag is oversized and cannot be delivered via APO.

XL Waving American Flag

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