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Raising the Ceiling

More progress? YES!

The wiring is done and I'm finally beginning to install the drywall (or dryceiling as Paul calls it). I'm using Roxul spun stone insulation. This stuff is pretty nice. It's made out of rocks and air. You can pretty much hug this stuff with bare arms and you don't get itchy or splotchy like you would with fiberglass. The batts are pretty stiff which makes them reasonable to work with when installing them.

Since the attic is so low on the sides, I've elected to install the insulation by wedging it between the rafters and then lifting the drywall (11 feet!) up under it. I'm doing this alone, but the drywall lift is doing a lot of the work.

So the process is like this:

1) measure and cut the insulation (with a bread knife)

2) get the insulation to stay in place in between the rafters

3) place the drywall panel up on the ceiling, measure/mark

4) cut drywall as needed

5) raise drywall back up, cut out junction box holes with drywall cutout tool and screw the panel in place

6) repeat about 30 more times!

This is a lot of hard work and it's pretty slow-going, but I have a vision for this workshop and it will be worth it.

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