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Ceiling is done. What now?

It's been a while since the last workshop update, but a lot has indeed happened. After about six weeks of putting up drywall on the ceiling, I was able to start fancying the place up.

The walls were OSB (Oriented Strand Board) which is good for structural use. You can drive a screw pretty much anywhere and it'll hold reasonably well -- not so with drywall. So, to make the place look brighter, decided to paint. Well, you can't just paint OSB with water based latex (that's what I like to use for a multitude of reasons) as it will cause the wood chips to swell and pop out of the wall.

What you have to do (and what I have NO pictures of) is skim the wall with drywall compound and scrape any bubbling swelling chips of wood off to make it smooth. Then you can paint with water-based latex. So, yeah. that's what I did. I did it a LOT. I also did the standard drywall stuff such as taping seams and trying to make the whole workshop look like a place where I'd like to spend hours every day.

Somewhere in there, I built a mobile lumber cart and a rolling tool cart. Those are in the picture too.

Notice that there still aren't any big woodworking tools? Me too. I still have much more to do before that happens. This is work from the top down. Literally. The ceiling is done. The walls are done. What could be next?

I can't wait to see. I have a vision for this workshop and if I keep it up, I just may get there some day.

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