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  • Fred

I'm floored!

Yep, the floor is finally done. That's some repetitious work, I tell you. Lots of bending and screwing of screws and cutting all the support blocks to be exactly the right size to keep the floor level. Yep, lots of work.

Here's a little tidbit that I hadn't discussed. The floor is floating on two sides. I installed the ledger all the way around the workshop. There are two doors to the shop; a standard person door and a roll-up garage style door. The floor on the two non-door walls is attached directly to the ledger board. On the walls with doors, the floor is not connected to the ledger, but it just rests on it with a half inch gap between the plywood and the wall.

This floating floor design allows the wood in the floor to expand and contract slightly without either buckling (expanding wood and non-expanding concrete) or screws pulling out of the wall (contracting wood and non-contracting concrete).

Whenever you install something large and wooden, you should think about what could happen if the wood were to expand or contract with changes in temperature and humidity.

You'll also notice that there's a cutout in the floor for the door. It's about a 10 inch step up when you enter the shop. I'm sure I'll get used to that.

The mind is constantly working. The vision is becoming clear. The floor is complete!

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