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  • Fred

Time to move the work back inside.

The dust collection lean-to is finished!

Though this was not a complicated project, it did challenge me to look up some stuff on YouTube that I just had never done before. This was the first time I had put on a roof and installed roofing material and shingles. It wasn't too crazy complicated, but it was a big job that took a fair amount of concentration on a pretty steep and high roof. I can see why roofers get paid so much.

Also, those doors are HEAVY. When I decided to increase the size of the doors from the original plan, I didn't really consider the door weight and how that would affect the installation. They're each nearly a full sized sheet of MDF on the inside, with a 2x4 frame and then another nearly full sheet of wood siding on the exterior. I'm sure each door is around 100 lbs. That wasn't fun moving and lifting into place. They're good solid (well, hollow, but you know what I mean) doors and should last a LONG time.

Another step done toward seeing the final vision. I like where this is going.

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