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  • Fred

Under the floorboards

I'm back inside now and working on the dust collection ducting under the floor. As planned, I can remove a section of the floor in about 3 minutes and I am able to put it back down in about 4 minutes. It's important that when I pull up a section that I label where it was and how it was oriented. These are 4 foot by 4 foot sections in theory only. Each piece of plywood was individually shaped to fit in its spot and will not fit any other way. No biggie, just some admin I need to be sure to tend to.

The duct coming out of the wall from the shed is a 7-inch diameter duct. I'm keeping it at 7 inches for as long as possible to increase airflow to the entire system. 7 inches is a TIGHT fit in the subfloor.

The ducting comes in 4-foot lengths that need to be cut to fit. This is done using a metal blade in my jigsaw. There's a face shield involved in case you were wondering. I'm not a fan of getting a bit of sawdust in my eye, and I'm even more against getting a metal shaving in my eye.

I've had to move a couple of supports already to make room for the ducting and it has gone according to plan. I haven't always been able to re-use the support I took out due to differences in the distance from the concrete floor to the supported 2x4, but I'm pretty good at cutting accurate pieces now, so that's no big deal.

More movement towards that final vision. I'll keep you posted.

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