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  • Fred

Merry Christmas!

The shop is in full swing.

My family (on my wife's side) has a tradition that we do a gift exchange among the sibling's families.

My wife and I decided that it would be fun to make something out of what we had laying around. One thing that we have is a nice load of firewood that we bought last year and that has been stored (well, also used for fueling the wood stove) in our carport. What does this mean? Good chunks of well-dried oak that we have just laying around.

We made an advent calendar for my wife's older brother's family. The design is five trays with five bays each. For each bay, there's a square cup to put a little treat in. My wife stenciled the numbers and some other decorations on the trays. I went over the parts with a coule of coats of boiled linseed oil to seal it up.

For what used to be a stack of firewood, we're really happy with how it turned out.

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