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  • Fred

Support your troop!

This week, I made a service flag.

It's nothing complicated or difficult, but has a deep meaning to all those who have served in our armed forces and those who support them at home.

The display of a service flag when a family member is deployed in service to our nation is a tradition that dates back to WW I. It served as a signal to neighbors and a reminder of the service that our military members provide our great nation. It is a way to let people know that a loved one is deployed and to show support.

There are now three colors of service flag stars. A blue star indicates that a family member is actively serving in a conflict in support of our nation and our allies. A silver or white star indicates that a family member was injured during service to our country. A gold star indicates that a family member was killed or is missing as a result of service in a conflict in support of our great nation.

It used to be that everyone knew someone or was related to someone who was serving or had served in the military. That's just not the case anymore. Our military has shrunk dramatically and many people who don't live near military installations simply don't think about the military and the sacrifices that they make every day.

I know it's a cliche these days, but if you are a Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine or have one in your life, thank you. Since our great nation was founded, our military has been the backbone that has enabled us to live our lives in the manner intended by the founding fathers.

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