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First aid kit and toolbox upgrade.

It has been an action-packed day! We went to the farmer's market, church, out to dinner, and somehow managed to squeeze in a couple of very productive hours in the workshop.

Finishing up the first aid kit was pretty quick. There was still a slight bit of tackiness from the Danish Oil that I applied last night, so did some buffing with a rag to get all of that off. You want to get any excess finish off of the surface before it completely dries.

After buffing the finish, I reinstalled the hardware and added the French cleat to the back. I'll go over the French cleat system in a future update. It's really a quite remarkable system. Here's a little teaser.

I also added a couple of items to my woodworker's toolbox. While I was putting a finish on the first aid kit, I also refinished the handles on my great uncle's hammers and some oak-handled screwdrivers. The hammers already had a home in the toolbox, but not the screwdrivers, so I added a block for them. Just a minor addition, but it really helps to keep things organized. While I was at it, I added some spots for pencils too.

It's always good to know where a pencil is when you need one.

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