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More stuff. More fun.

I'm adding a couple of new items to the store this week. It's nice to give folks different choices, but it's also nice to have a bunch of different projects to work on and not just the same stuff all the time. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy all of the projects that I work on, but a bit of variety is nice too. Check out all of my products here.

I've been wanting to make some wall crosses for a while, so I figured this was the perfect time. The crosses are pretty simple, it's just two pieces of wood cut and joined using a half-lap joint. A half lap joint is where you cut each piece halfway through and join them using glue or other fasteners (some of the crosses have small nails holding them together in addition to the glue, but I don't think those are really necessary -- the glue is REALLY strong).

This cross is made of maple.

Here's one made of oak. The oak one is just made of some scrap that I had laying around from last year's advent calendar build. That's why it's so thin (just under a half inch thick). The ones that I'll be selling will be the thickness of the maple one above (more like 3/4 inch).

I'll be trying some new patterns too, so if you're interested in those, keep an eye out.

The other new item is a smaller, less complicated American Flag. The larger flags that I've been making are pretty time-intensive. I hand-carve each star in the union which takes quite a bit of time. Also the large flags are, well, large. I have to crate them for shipment and the shipping charges are around $55 via UPS ground. The time and size of these flags makes them a bit expensive (though if that's what you're looking for, I think I've got about the best deal going). If you're looking for something a bit less expensive, but still awesome and hand-made, I've got just the thing.

The smaller flags are made of 13 pieces, not 14 (on the larger ones, the union is a separate piece and there are 13 stripes - 7 short, 6 long). The small flags are made of 13 equally sized pieces. I paint the union and the stars directly onto the stripe pieces. The end result is that it takes much less time, but still looks great. They're also smaller, measuring 13 x 24 inches. I can ship these in a regular box and the shipping runs about $22.

There are more photos of the new flag below.

Thanks for reading!

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