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Custom beer tap handles!

Do you have a kegerator? Does it have some little black plastic handles that came with the tap? I think I may have the solution: custom beer tap handles!

Here's the military aircraft roundel handle that I recently carved out of poplar. If you'd like one just like it, they're available here.

I've been approached by a couple of folks lately about carving more detailed designs than the American flags that I make. One of the more daunting things to carve is something that's easily recognizable, like text. If you make a mistake carving something like say, a squirrel (I mean, who doesn't like squirrels?), you can just make it look like part of the squirrel. If you make a mistake carving the letter "P", you can't exactly just make it into the letter "I" without some sort of impact on the overall message. Anyway, I gave carving text a shot and I think it came out pretty well. I spelled it right and everything (of course, this tap handle is not for sale).

If these two designs aren't quite your thing, no problem. I can make most designs within reason. So, if you'd like to give your home bar a boost and let everyone know who you support, let me know and we'll work something out.

Thanks for reading!

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