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Custom tap handle extravaganza!

Ok. Perhaps not a full-blown extravaganza, but I've been doing quite a few custom beer tap handles lately. The most recent is a 747-400 inspired handle for a member of The Pilot Network.

This tap handle was a lot of fun to carve. The customer provided a turn radius diagram from the flight manual and let me have at it. The customer also asked to have Boeing and 747-400F carved down the sides. It was a two-day carve and I'm quite pleased with the results.

There are several other projects going on in the shop right now, some for customers and some for the kids. I finished the stable for the Nativity. I'll upload some photos of it this weekend when we set it up to begin celebrating Advent.

We got an old fire bell from my wife's parents' house. My boys like to ring it for no apparent reason. My father-in-law apparently likes to paint it. I must have taken four of five layers of different colored paint off of it before reapplying some nice fire-station red I just happened to have laying around.

I'm also working on another helmet display stand. I don't have a specific formula for how I make these, so each one is unique. There's some really interesting wood grain on the vertical support piece. I'll upload some photos of that one when it's done.

Thanks for reading!

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