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  • Fred

Trying to carve out a niche.

I've been doing a lot of carving lately. A LOT of carving. I really enjoy the process and the various projects that I get from customers (and ones I come up with) are a lot of fun.

My issue has been with organization. I have all of these carving tools and when I get in the groove, they end up all strewn across the top of the workbench. There has to be a better way!

Today, I put on my brain hat and came up with a solution that I hope will work for me. It's a dual purpose carving tool station and storage system.

I had an old knife magnet from our kitchen in North Carolina just sitting around and I realized that I can put a BUNCH of tools on that thing. I grabbed my notebook and set out to design and build the carving tool station of my dreams (well, I don't really dream about carving, but if I did...).

Oh, and this didn't cost me a single penny! It's good to recycle and reuse!

Thanks for watching!

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