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  • Fred

Baptismal Font Part 2

I'm still working on the method for cutting the finger joints (also called box joints) for the octagonal baptismal font. If you watched part 1 of this series, you saw my first attempt. It worked pretty well, but it didn't have the repeatability that I am looking for. To get that, I decided I needed a couple more features for the jig.

First, it had to have a larger support face. The first jig was too small and it was a bit unstable which could cause the workpiece to shift as I ran it across the saw.

Second, I wanted to build in a micro-adjustment capability. Doing this makes the jig capable of much more repeatable results and the ability to get it truly "dialed in". This is important not only when making the initial cuts, but also when going back to make small adjustments to get two pieces to fit "just right".

Watch the video and you'll see how I tackled these issues.

Thanks for watching!

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