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  • Fred

Whiskey Crate Part 1

I'm honored to be working on a Whiskey Presentation Crate. This is going to a gentleman who is retiring from the Air Force after serving for 26 years, so I'd better make it good!

The overall design is a walnut crate with maple accents. The dimensions are about 19 inches wide, 10 inches deep and 8 inches tall.

This is part 1 of the build series, and I plan on keeping good notes, pictures and videos of this build, so that I can keep you updated.

The first steps were to dimension the rough walnut using the jointer, planer and table saw. I don't have video of this since I've shown this process before here when I was building the baptismal font for our church.

The next step is to begin cutting the dovetails that will hold the whole thing together. That's what you'll see below. Thanks for checking this out and look for updates!

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