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  • Fred

Whiskey Crate Part 2

I've been working some more on the whiskey crate and the sides are nearly done.

This is really a great and fun build. The crate incorporates a TON of different techniques. I've done some hand-cut dovetails, some routing -- both with a circle cutting jig, a ton of carving and I'm just about into the stage where I get to make the layout actually happen.

The crate will be pretty full. I didn't leave much extra room because I didn't want it to take up more space than necessary.

One of the modifications that I made to my original design was to do the carved patches on the sides rather than on the front of the box. I'm carving the two patches (or logos or emblems or whatever you want to call them) onto pucks of curly maple that cut out. The pucks have two different radii. The smaller radius matches up to the hole cut into each side of the crate. The puck will protrude when the crate is complete, making a kind of natural handle for lifting the box up.

This also left me with a blank canvas for the front of the crate. I decided to just carve an understated Air Force logo in the front.

Take a look at the video. It probably explains it better. Thanks for watching!

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