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Dragon Fountain Pen (228)

Hardware finish:

Antique Copper

Wood Species:


Pen type (refill):

Fountain (Bottled Ink or Cartridge)

Mechanism Type:





Length (mm):


Mass (g):


The Dragon pen is a big pen that makes a big statement. If you like fantasy and dragons and like awesome stuff, this may be just the ticket. Not only does this one look amazing, but it’s also a fountain pen! These pens take a little bit of practice, but they payoff is amazing. The top twists off and twists back on the end of the pen, so it looks mazing whether it’s sitting in a place of honor on your desk or if you’re signing the credit card receipt for your take-out.

Fountain pens have an elegance that harkens back to a simpler time. Each fountain pen comes with a refillable ink reservoir as well as a simple replaceable ink cartridge. Ink and cartridges are available at office supply and stationary stores as well as on common ecommerce sites. Each pen also comes with a set of 6 different sized nibs. Personal preference is a large part of using a fountain pen and having the size nib that suits you is important.

As usual, you only pay shipping for the largest item in your order, so shop around, find some other stuff and save on shipping!

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