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Dress up your espresso machine! These portafilter handles are hand made of select hardwoods right here in our shop in Virginia. If you’re looking at these, you probably obsess over your espresso. You’ve got a scale, a WDT tool, a funnel, and you take your time to make sure your shot tastes its best. Why not make your espresso machine look its best too?


If you see it here, it’s available. Just click the one you want and place your order.  Dont see one you like?  Contact me and I'll make one for you!


M12 threading fits most Ascaso (57mm versions), Faema, Gaggia, Carimali, La Cimbali, Corte Dalla, Casidio, Dalla Corte, Expobar, Izzo, La Marzocco, Nouva Simonelli, Reneka, Viniemme, La San Marco, VBM, and Wega. If you’re not sure, you can unscrew your existing handle and measure the diameter of the thread that extends from the handle. If it’s 12mm (approx. 15/32 inch), this is the correct size.


M10 threading fits most Carimali, La Cimbali, and Lelit 57mm. Please double check by unscrewing the existing handle from your portafilter and measuring the diameter of the extending threads. If it’s 10mm (a little over 3/8 inch), this is the correct size.


Sometimes, it’s tricky to remove the handle from the portafilter due to the manufacturer using thread locker. Wrapping rubber bands around the handle will greatly increase grip to unscrew the handle. It may also be necessary for one person to hold the portafilter body (careful that it’s not hot!) while the other person twists off the handle. Better yet, clamp it down if you have clamps or a vise (while being careful not to scratch it).


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Wooden Portafilter Handle

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