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My son has been framed!

I'm moving right along with the dust collection lean-to project.

I purchased a set of downloadable plans from the interwebs for $10. I figured I could make this all up myself and spend a half day on it or I could just stand on someone else's back and slip them a Hamilton for their efforts.

I'm glad I did, since the plans were well laid out and easy to follow. I'm making quite a few adjustments to the plan, of course. For starters, the whole shed is MUCH taller than the plan calls for. I want to have the dust collector and my ladders in this thing. Since it's not a freestanding structure like the plan is built for, I don't have to worry about it being blown over by a strong wind. Also, I'm making the doors quite a bit wider than called for. I don't see any reason to have much of a wall at all on the front of a work shed. I want as much access to my stuff as possible.

The main change that I've made to the plan (and feel free to tell me if this was a bad idea, though I'm not going to re-do anything at this point) was to replace all of the framing nails in the plans with screws. This entire structure is screwed together using coated wood screws and pocket screws (also coated).

Oh, and the title of this blog entry "My son has been framed!" should also include that he was eating a graham cracker. That kid loves those things!

It's getting there! Another part of the vision can now literally be taken in by a person's eyes. Yes, we can see the vision (part of it, anyway).

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